Top Reasons to go Contracting

2010_Top Reasons to go ContractingJob seekers often ask us whether it is better to contract or hold out for a permanent position.

This week, we have listed the top reasons for contracting:

  1. Variety – increase your current skills through diversity of exposure and experience – industry / technology / structures / cultures / companies / size / complexity. Enhance your CV.
  2. You can experience a company without having to make a long term commitment.
  3. Flexibility – work hours, holidays.
  4. Lifestyle – you can have blocks of time free for your own projects.
  5. Don’t allow yourself to become ‘too comfortable’ within the same organisation, in the same role. Branch out and meet new people, work in different, challenging environments. Keep your skills current.
  6. Increased exposure to training program benefits via your agency (Clicks!) as well as other Contractor Care Program Benefits.
  7. Financial – Contracting can be financially rewarding with good pay rates and some tax benefits.
  8. Be your own boss – take control of your own destiny, your career progression and growth.
  9. You can focus on the job without being involved with the politics.
  10. You can contract whilst you are looking for that next permanent job.
  11. Promote your name – see through one contract at a time and earn yourself an excellent reputation amongst a variety of clients so that you’re well-known throughout the industry.

Next week – top reasons to go permanent!

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